The Council of Catoira establishes the rules for the organization and development of the Romaría Vikinga market 2018.

  • In order to set up a market stall in any public area of Catoira, it is necessary to register it previously. The registration form must be correctly filled in at the Council’s Registration Office or sent via fax (to the number +34 986546217) or e-mail (to specifying “Mercado Romaría Vikinga 2018” as the “concept”. The registration form is available at the “virtual office” area.
  • The registration period goes from June 15 to July 27, 2018.
  • Active associations from Catoira must attach a copy of the VAT identification number by the time of registration.
  • Food and beverage stalls must maintain sanitary conditions during the whole day and must also have a valid food handler card.
  • The medieval market will be installed on the Torres de Oeste site. Stalls that which to access this area must comply with the previous requirmeants and also with the following:
  • The stalls must be prepared with materials of that period (wood, bar, fabrics, hurdle) or, at least, materials such as plastic or similars, must not be visible.
  • People working at stalls have to wear costumes from that period, taking care of the details and accessories.
  • Council staff members in charge of monitoring the compliance of these conditions could request the person responsible for the stall to show the registration form.

In case of non-compliance with these conditions, precautionary closure of the stall will be required and the responsible person could be financially punished, assuming any responsibility, which could result from this case.