Pumpkins parade

The Council of Catoira, in collaboration with the school “CPI Progreso” and some associations from the municipality, has been organising the “pumpkins parade” for some years. It takes place during the evening of October 31, the day prior to the All Saints’ Day. This celebration opens the deep season and hundreds of people take part in the walk through the dark streets of Catoira, only illuminated by the candlelight of the pumpkins, turned into fearsome skulls. By the end of the parade, an afternoon snack for participants is held, including the tasting of gastronomic products made of pumpkin as ingredient.

Cavalcade of Magi

On the eve of Epiphany, the Council of Catoira organises, as every year, the traditional Cavalcade of Magi. Their Majesties go through the main streets of Catoira by carriage until they arrive to the Municipal Sports Hall, where they receive children who make their requests. Afterwards, a little celebration including a chocolate feast, takes place.


Every year the traditional carnival parade is celebrated, from one of the main streets of Catoira, Rúa da Estación, going through the town centre, to the Municipal Sports Hall, were the best three disguised groups are selected by popular vote. After that, a celebration with music, bouncy castles and mussel tasting is held.

San Cibrán pilgrimage

On Pentecost Sunday (the seventh after Easter) a religious pilgrimage honouring Saint Cibrán, doctor for rheumatism, is held. This is a religious and profane memorial at the chapel of that saint located at the San Cibrán oak groove, a wonderful and high value environmental landscape. Galician traditional music is present at this celebration, where families, neighbours and friends meet for having a picnic lunch surrounded by this amazing scenery.

Plaice festivity

This celebration takes place on a Saturday of the second weekend in July, the day before the local festivity of Saint Anthony of Padua, at the recreational area Fonte Gaiteira. This is an event organised by the Cultural Association San Antonio de Padua (the same name of the saint), in which traditional products can be tasted. Concerts of Music Bands, orchestras and traditional folk music groups are also held. There are different amusement attractions and market stalls available.

Parish festivities

Saint Anthony of Padua: second weekend in July, Catoira.

Saint Miguel of Catoira: 29 September, patron saint of the parish of Catoira.

Saint Eulalia of Oeste: second weekend in August, parish of Oeste.

Saint Pedro of Dimo:.29 June, parish of Dimo.

Saint Mamede of Abalo: early August-end of July, parish of Abalo

Saint Cibrán: seventh Sunday after Easter time, parish of Dimo.