Office hours: from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 13.00 h.

Its duties and administrative responsibility lie on a secretary-administrator, official for local administration, nationally qualified. Some of the functions are:

  • Secretariat, including public faith and prescriptive legal advice.
  • Control and internal audit of the economic-financial and budgetary.
  • Notary public of every act and agreement, writing the minutes concerning plenary sessions of the local governing bodies and commissions.
  • Attend, as secretary, the meetings of every commission and meeting of the governing body and plenum, with the power to delegate, for that purpose, to another official.
  • Direct superior of the Secretariat, Administration and legal-administrative services, as well as of the remaining offices and general services.
  • Protocol, ceremony and etiquette management.
  • Management of entity issues, in agreement with the mayor-president.
  • Expression of opinions and legal reports when this is legally prescriptive.
  • Rendering of the necessary internal regime provisions for the better operation of services.
  • Take the necessary measures for office coordination, in order to achieve the best joint action and the strict compliance with every legal provision and resolutions adopted.
  • Giving the office to every public employee.
  • Drafting the preliminary Project of the budgets and assist the Presidency concerning the elaboration of the Project, as well as the preparation and wording of budgets and heritage administration
  • Issue income warrants for all the payment amounts that must be justified as cash entry and redaction of payment orders that must be justified as cash output.
  • Informating the record of granting credits and the modification due to allotment or supplement which are included in the budget.
  • Ruling on the compilation of case files for public credit appeal.
  • Authorizing signature for pay stubs of the Council’s bank accounts.
  • Intervening every bank operation concerning incomes and payments of the treasury, managing and inspecting its ledgers.