Last Saturday, Catoira hosted a conference organized by the group from Vilagarcia, “Mesa das verbas”, dedicated to the poet from Catoira, Baldomero Isorna Casal.

The day began in the morning at the Torres de Oeste site. In the Chapel of Santiago they recited some poems and recalled the figure of Faustino Rey Romero, also a poet, who together with Baldomero Isorna -both members of the Ateneo del Ullán- were the promoters of the celebration of the Viking Fest. They then took a guided tour of the Torres de Oeste Cultural Activation Center. In the afternoon, the mayor, Alberto García, presented the recital that took place in the Celso Emilio Ferreiro room. The rianxeiro Xesús Santos was in charge of making a semblance of the Catoirense poet.

In addition to some poems from “Campanas de palo” and “Voz en blanco”, Isorna’s two publications, compositions by some members of the Table were also recited.